Five questions for…Benjamin

Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about them and their work. Today with our Junior Client Success Manager, Benny. Every day, he ensures that our customers are satisfied with our software solutions and successfully implement measures. He offers technical support and advice on how to use our tool. Furthermore, he is also involved in the development and implementation of client programs and offers.

1. Was ist dein Lieblings-

  • Lied: Koopa Troopa Beach (Mario Kart 64 Theme Song)
  • Film/Serie: Aviator
  • Spiel: Fan of (almost) every card game
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Tier: Zebra
  • Essen: Duck roast with dumplings from my grandma
  • Urlaubsziel: Panama

2. Was ist dein Lieblingszitat- bzw. Motto?

You’ve really caught me off guard with this question. I’m probably spoiling question #5 now, but I just can’t decide on which is my favorite quote. So here are a few of my all-time favorites:


‘You don’t have time, you have to make time’

‘I am no longer who I was a moment ago’ (source: Hermann Hesse)

For a third quote, check out my LinkedIn bio 🙂

Was ist dein größter Traum?

To be a Client Success Manager (Seriously, it’s true)

4. Your insider tip for a cool weekend in Munich?

Food Tip: ‘Marinas Feinkost’ at the Viktualienmarkt 

Favorite spot: Forstenrieder Park

Favorite event: Saluti di Capri in summer at the Olympiasee

5. Dein verstecktes Talent?

I suppose it would be my repertoire of quotations. I always manage to find the right one at the right time for the right topic. Likewise, I also have a rather large knowledge of songs.


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