The term multichannel (also multichannel marketing or multichannel strategy) describes the strategic approach of companies to reach customers on several channels.


Customers are active on different channels through which they can be reached by companies.

These include, for example:


  • Brick and mortar retail
  • Newspapers/magazines (online and print)
  • Website/webshop
  • Social media 
  • E-Mail
  • Search results (e.g. on Google) – both organic hits and ads


In order to reach (potential) customers, it is important for companies to be present on as many of these channels as possible. Multichannel marketing measures include, for example:



Other than omnichannel marketing, the focus of multichannel marketing is on making each individual channel perform as well as possible. Often, different departments are responsible for each channel. However, if these departments compete with each other, it can lead to disadvantages for the customer.


To ensure a comprehensive and smooth customer journey, it is therefore important to align the individual channels (touchpoints) with one another.

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