E-Mail Service Provider (ESP)

The term “Email Service Provider” (ESP) refers to a company that offers various services in the field of communication via email.


The market for ESPs is very different. Some providers simply offer the reception and sending of emails. Other providers offer a wider range of services.


Various factors should be taken into account when choosing an ESP. The provider must work in compliance with data protection regulations. The security of the provider should be up to date. In addition, a good spam filter can also provide increased security and make the use of the email program more pleasant for the user. Furthermore, the program of the chosen provider should be easy to integrate and have a high usability.


Nowadays ESPs are often structured like content management systems, so that email templates can be created and maintained quickly and easily – even without any knowledge of programming.


In online marketing, ESPs are mainly used for sending newsletters:


  • Administering email addresses of future customers, prospects (leads) and existing customers
  • Creating templates and ready-made templates for email dispatch
  • Sending ( personalized ) newsletters, coupons, surveys, etc.
  • A/B-Testing or multivariate testing
  • Tracking and evaluating the transmissions
  • Registrations/Unsubscribes (opt-in and opt-out)
  • and much more


Major providers in this field include: MailChimp, Emarsys, Salesforce, Cleverreach, and many more.

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