Trick or treat – How to spook up your webshop for Halloween

The leaves are falling from the trees outside, it’s getting darker and darker outside and it’s almost time to dig out your winter jackets again. This means that it won’t be long before people start dressing up in spooky costumes and children start roaming the streets in search of candy. Halloween is on October 31st, so it’s high time to spice up your webshop for the spooky season. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to provide your customers with a spooky shopping experience on Halloween.

Animated scares on the website

Cobwebs, witches and pumpkins only create a scary feeling in the offline world? That is where you are mistaken: spooky decorations can also be used in eCommerce. On the website, flying bats, crawling spiders or a carved pumpkin will greet you. This creates a scary feeling in the online world, too, and the shop remains in the user’s memory. 

Krabbelnde Spinne macht auf Angebote zu Halloween bei FTI aufmerksam

Would you like to see the crawling spider from FTI in action? Click here for the video

Spooky scavenger hunt – a playful way to attract more customers

In addition to the “decoration” in the online shop, sweepstakes such as scavenger hunts on Halloween can also be integrated into the online shop. Gamification elements combined with rewards awaken the user’s play instinct and increase their engagement. Shops not only inspire existing customers with such unusual promotions, new customers also gain a positive first impression and become familiar with the product range. In conjunction with a newsletter subscription, you can also bind users to the shop beyond Halloween.

Scratch cards and gift vouchers – creative purchase incentives 

Shops can also offer their users playful scratch cards. Users then simply move their mouse over the relevant area and “scratch” off the discount code or their special offer piece by piece. Matching Halloween, the scratch card can be designed with visuals such as pumpkins, witches or ghosts. Of course, this also works with normal references to discount codes – thus a simple voucher turns into a spooky Halloween onsite experience. 

Would you like to see the scratch card from Dress-for-less in action? Click here for the video



Would you like to learn more about gamification? Have a look at our whitepaper!


Download it here

It’s the final countdown – Increase the anticipation

The preparations for the Halloween party are running at full speed and before you know it, October 31st will be just around the corner. To create a feeling among users that they don’t have much time left for their errands and thus increase the pressure to buy, a countdown can be placed on the website. The probability of an impulse purchase increases.

Integration of a countdown to Halloween in the header (Horrorklinik)


However, if time is running out and the order is unlikely to arrive on time with standard shipping, a notification for express shipping for Halloween should be added. This way, users are more likely to make a last-minute purchase.

Overlay with information on order deadlines for a punctual delivery (Karneval Megastore)

Surprise customers with spooky shopping experiences

Even online, you can provide users with extraordinary experiences on Halloween. Gamification and special Halloween promotions will leave a lasting impression and make users want to return to your online shop. If you want to offer your users a spooky online shopping experience for Halloween, do contact us, we have a couple of ideas!


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