Personalization and Guided Selling join forces

trbo acquires Chatchamp

Users’ expectations of a perfect user experience are constantly increasing. Besides individually tailored content, the consultation offered in retail stores is a key success factor for online shops. To continue meeting these demands in the future and to expand the existing product portfolio, trbo has acquired the Guided Selling provider Chatchamp.


The perfect match of both tools

As a personalization software with a variety of existing data interfaces, trbo enables customers to combine the results of Chatchamp’s product consultation with other data sources, thus ensuring an outstanding holistic user experience.

The combination of both trbo’s personalization measures, including data collection and use, and the individually deployable solution of Guided Selling in all industries, enables retailers to address their users even more efficiently and persuade them to make a purchase. The combination of Chatchamp’s Guided Selling tool with trbo, including its playout according to user interests and matching the respective customer journey, as well as A/B testing options, has already been successfully implemented by several of our clients.


What’s next

Going forward, we will align our strategic product development with Chatchamp so that we can grow even closer together and offer our customers even greater opportunities for a perfect onsite user experience. However, both solutions will still be usable as stand-alone products as well to provide all online shops with the best possible product fit.

In addition to the extended offer we provide through the integration of Chatchamp, we also have many other feature developments in store – stay tuned!


Have we sparked your interest?

Set up a personal appointment here, during which we can convince you of the perfect interaction between Chatchamp and trbo!


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