Time for Product Insights: Geotargeting & Geo-Location


The time has come again to introduce you to another interesting trbo feature. In our Product Insights series, we last talked about security. Today we want to introduce you to an exciting feature that allows you to target users in a personalized way: Geotargeting & Geo-Location

What is Geotargeting & Geo-location?

Geotargeting (also called geo-location) uses the GPS data of a smartphone or the browser information of a user’s device to determine their location. Based on the location, the user can then be addressed in a personalized way.

What are the advantages of geotargeting?

Geotargeting offers a wide variety of use cases. Shops can address their users individually based on the region (country, state, city) or based on the local weather. There are hardly any limits to the imagination. Here are some implementation examples:


Geotargeting is particularly exciting for multichannel retailers with brick and mortar stores. Is a pop-up store in New York City opening soon? Then users from the region should be made aware of it. This is quite simple with our geo-campaign rules: You can determine that only users within a certain radius of New York City will see the campaign. The other users will not see the teaser for the pop-up store.


During lockdown, geotargeting was also commonly used to inform customers about click-and-collect opportunities in their vicinity. Likewise, geotargeting could be used to display open or closed stores or even Covid-19 test specifications.


Does your assortment vary regionally or are certain products and promotions not available everywhere? If so, you can turn to geotargeting to display only those items and products that are truly available in your users’ region. This can also be narrowed down to states, cities and even postal code areas with the help of geotargeting-rules, for example. Alternatively, you can also select a specific range around certain addresses (if products are only available in one store, for example).


In conjunction with a weather API, the user’s location can also be used for weather-based targeting. The location is additionally enriched with information about the prevailing weather conditions and enables personalized targeting of even unknown users. For example, users in Los Angeles will see offers for shorts and T-shirts when it is sunny, while users in San Francisco will see offers for rain jackets when it is raining.

Geotargeting – Can I use that too?

Our geotargeting features can be used by all trbo customers. You can quickly and easily create different rules for geotargeting and adjust your actions to your users based on weather and location.


You are not a customer yet?  We are happy to demonstrate how you can personally address your customers with geotargeting in a personalized demo.


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