Grill & Chill: The opening of the new trbo office

We have been in our new trbo premises on Leopoldstrasse for almost two weeks now – our old office on Römerstrasse had simply become too small for our growing team. So it was about time for a proper opening and celebration of our new office with some of our customers!


Last Friday the time had come: under the theme “Grill and Chill” our office roof terrace was supposed to be the center of attention. Accordingly, we became uneasy at first when we looked at the weather forecast. The whole week we had been sweating at over 30 degrees – but for Friday of all days it was: rain and 20 degrees.

At least the weather god meant it well with us – in the afternoon it stopped raining and we could barbecue and chat with our guests on the roof terrace. If it got too cold, we could go inside, there is enough space in the new office. Even though the weather was not too good, the mood was even better.


All in all, our office opening was a successful (and long) evening! At this point an official and big “thank you” to all guests who celebrated with us! For everyone else, of course: the roof terrace is still open and invites you to have a drink or two.

Your trbos

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