On the mark, get set, trbo – we’ re taking off with 5 new employees

Following our last new addition, Marco, we are now really firing up the trbo! We are proud to introduce not only one new colleague, but five! From now on we are supported by (from left) Wafaa Jlaoui, Urs Klimburg, Vural Kaya, Franz Wiesmann and Yigit Tuncel.

Urs Klimburg starts as Senior Sales Manager

Urs not only trained in wholesale and foreign trade, he also completed his Bachelor of Arts in International Management. For three years, Urs worked abroad, first in Japan and then in the Czech Republic. In Tokyo, Urs worked as a headhunter, where he found his way into the SaaS industry. Since 2016, he has been working exclusively in software companies and doesn’t want to change that. First at Socialbakers, then Akeneo and Mapp and now Urs has found his way to trbo. Here he can continue to live out his love of sales and actively support our sales team. And who knows – maybe we will benefit from his Japanese skills one day 😉 


After work Urs likes to work out at CrossFit and sometimes – if the day didn’t go so well – at MMA. Urs also loves to travel. 

Vural Kaya starts as Academy Manager

Vural gained a lot of experience as an in-house marketeer at various agencies in different industries. Before that, he studied business informatics and came into contact with the Google algorithm during his time at university. His lecturer made this algorithm particularly palatable to him. As a result, even after ten years, Vural still has a great interest in algorithms such as the one from Google. That’s why he was as happy as a Cheshire cat to be able to start at trbo.


“I’m really looking forward to taking the knowledge of trbo and my colleagues out into the world,” says Vural about his new job. 


To recharge his batteries for work, he likes to fiddle around with motorcycles and classic cars in his spare time. This allows him to live out his general creativity and gather new ideas, says Vural.

Yigit Tuncel starts as Junior Frontend Developer

Yigit graduated first with a bachelor’s degree and then also with a master’s degree in architecture. After his studies, he worked in two architecture offices in Hamburg and Munich. Through the experience he gained, Yigit got exposed to different perspectives of design and became familiar with computer-aided tools in several projects. This is how Yigit’s interest in programming was first sparked. Additionally, he was inspired by his wife and sister-in-law, who are both UX/UI designers. He decided to attend the Full-Stack Web Development Boot Camp so he could turn his newfound passion into a career. He can now turn his dream into reality at trbo, where he can acquire additional knowledge to the experience he has already gained. 


Outside of the cyber world, Yigit loves to pass the time by traveling.


“When I visit a new city, I try to strike up a conversation with the locals and spend time with them so I can get the most out of their culture, traditions and some tips on their cuisine,” Yigit says of his hobby. 


In addition to traveling, he also loves to cook, naturally taking inspiration from culinary tips from different countries. He tests whether this advice is really good at cooking evenings with friends and his family. Yigit loves it when people enjoy his food. He also likes to ride his bike and has a lot of fun cruising through Munich and the countryside.

Franz Wiesmann starts as Recruiting Manager

Franz studied philosophy and political science at the University of Würzburg. There he was active very long for the student council and in University politics. In addition, Franz worked for the student advisory service and was able to gain initial experience in recruiting there. After his studies, Franz went straight into recruiting and worked for Poolia – a personnel service provider – for three years. The desire to switch to in-house staffing grew within him, which is why he ended up working for the content marketing agency C3.


“Now I’m at trbo and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of optimizing and further expanding our recruiting and making sure that many more new colleagues come on board.”


Franz is a huge movie and series junkie. He can discuss every detail for hours without getting tired. His favorite franchises are Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“You can already say that I’m a nerd,” Franz says about himself.

He is passionate about going to conventions and also totally enjoys anime. In his free time, Franz plays games on the console as well. But of course he doesn’t just sit in front of the TV or computer, Franz also loves being out in nature. He enjoys his free time best outdoors hiking or meeting his friends in the Biergarten. But Franz is not only a series junkie and a nature person, he also enjoys going out to play darts or billiards with friends. 

Wafaa Jlaoui starts as Account Executive UK

Born in Morocco and living in Hamburg, Wafaa first completed her Baccalaureate in Natural Sciences (including Physics and Chemistry) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and added a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Over the past eight years, Wafaa has had the opportunity to explore various international markets and work in a various industries. However, she has had most exposure to the SaaS sector. There, she has been able to gain a lot of experience in business development and sales management at both senior and executive levels. Her career started as an intern in Magdeburg. Through the student organization Aiesec, she became aware of the position there. Wafaa considers herself lucky to have been part of successful companies and great teams over the past years. In addition to SaaS, she gained knowledge about the construction, engineering, and medical/pharmaceutical industries. Now, as an Account Executive at trbo, Wafaa can let loose and bring her accumulated knowledge to the table. 


Back home in Casablanca, Wafaa spent most of her time on the beach with her friends, jumping on a surfboard or cooling off in the sea at every opportunity. In Lübeck, unfortunately, the weather doesn’t often cooperate, so her surfing hobby has now changed to wave watching. Instead of jumping into the sea, she now enjoys the cold sea breeze while taking a walk in the harbor of Hamburg. While doing so, her camera is never missing for taking some nice photos. Wafaa also enjoys playing tennis.


“Not at a professional level, though,” she says about her tennis skills. 


We are very happy to welcome so many new team members and are looking forward to working with them!

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