On-Site Personalization and First Party Data Collection – The Podcast with our CEO Felix Schirl

Since trbo got a taste of the podcast game some time ago, we’ve been really excited about it! And this format is also clearly well received by you. That’s why we’re even more pleased to be able to tell you about another podcast episode with trbo today! 

COMMERCE TOMORROW – The Podcast by Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig 


COMMERCE TOMORROW is a podcast series hosted by tech and e-commerce experts Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig. In their podcast, they discuss the latest developments and technologies being used by global brands and retailers. To do so, Goetsch and Hoerig regularly interview the leaders of technology and hear firsthand how it is driving their business. 

Personalization and data collection – this is the podcast with trbo 


The most suitable recommendations at the right time to improve the customer’s onsite experience: that’s what onsite personalization is all about. In order to provide the user with a personalized experience, data must first be collected. In the episode “On-Site Personalization and First Party Data Collection”, Dirk and Kelly talk to our CEO Felix Schirl about personalization and the different methods of data collection while respecting data protection legislation. How is data collected, stored and used? And why does our CEO think that a CDP is a must for personalization? 


Have we piqued your interest? Then be sure to listen to the podcast episode by COMMERCE TOMORROW and Felix Schirl! 

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