Low sales months? – No problem: 3 psychological tricks for more sales

Especially in months without sales-driving events such as Christmas, Black Friday or Easter, many companies record fewer sales. Marketers can counteract this with a few little tricks. In this way, they can boost sales even in months when sales are weak. Today, we’ll tell you what these tricks are and how you can generate more sales even without holidays. 

Trick 1: Group Motivation


If you want to influence your users and accelerate the conclusion of a purchase, marketers can rely on so-called social proof elements. A very popular variant is the Group Motivation or the so-called Social Proof. With this, store operators can show how often the respective product has been purchased recently, or how many users are currently looking at the article. Many consumers trust the opinion of other users, which is why a particularly high sales figure can have a convincing effect. The Group Motivation can be placed as an overlay next to or on the product photo, or as an in-page element below the product information – there are no limits to your imagination. The only important thing is that the ad is clearly visible and the numbers are not fake.

Trick 2: Progress bar


Another way to generate more sales are progress bars. These are especially useful in the shopping cart. There, for example, the user is shown which value he is still missing for free shipping or discount. Instead of paying for shipping, the user usually prefers to add another item to the cart and the cart value increases. In conjunction with the progress bars, product recommendations can be displayed with cross-selling products that ideally fill exactly the sales gap to receive the discount or free shipping. This way, the user doesn’t even have to leave the shopping cart to add more items. The likelihood that he will lose interest or be distracted in his search can be minimized in this way. 

Trick 3: Shortages


Sometimes companies find themselves in a situation where they have a lot of people interested in an item, but only a few buyers. They want to think about the purchase in peace, compare items with other products or look for cheaper alternatives. With the scarcity effect, marketers can increase the pressure to buy and get their users to pull out their wallets instead of hesitating. This can be achieved, for example, with the help of a countdown that shows how long the respective offer is still valid. The user doesn’t think twice, but rather grabs the offer before it expires. 

More conversions and more sales with just a few simple steps


If companies do not want to wait for the holidays to record high sales, only a few steps are necessary. Even with small changes on the website, such as the display of social proof elements, progress bars or shortages, users can be influenced subconsciously. Of course, this not only works for existing customers, but can also work wonders for new customers.


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