How to increase the user value by 14% – Our new case study with Oui

Once again, we share a successful campaign with you that we implemented with our customer Oui. It was created with the motto “Social Proof or Social Pressure? ” in mind.


What exactly does that mean? Oui uses the persuasive power of the community by showing social proof elements on product detail pages. Learn more about the implementation and the results in our new case study.

How Oui increased the user value with group motivation elements


“13 people have recently booked this hotel” or “5 people are currently looking at this offer” these are so-called group motivation or social proof elements often used in the travel industry. They exert a little pressure on the customer in order to convince him to finalize his booking quickly. However, these elements perform well not only in the travel industry and the case of our customer Oui proves it.


A group motivation element was implemented on Oui’s product detail pages. The goal was to encourage users to increase their shopping carts and make more purchases.


The result: the conversion rate and the user value significantly increased for both desktop and mobile users! Among desktop users itself the implementation of the group motivation element resulted in 14 percent higher user value.


Would you like to know how Oui achieved such great results with trbo and how our solution can be beneficial for you? Download our brand new case study with Oui!


Click here to download



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