Guided selling and personalization working hand in hand: partnership between Chatchamp and trbo

We have yet another exciting partnership to announce: From now on, we will work closely together with the experts for Guided Selling from Chatchamp.

The software startup founded by Felix Belau, Dominik Grusemann and Felix Schröder has developed a SaaS solution for integrating guided selling via chatbots into online shops – and thus boosting both customer acquisition and in-store consulting. Combined with our onsite personalization platform, our customers can ensure an optimal user experience and excellent service in the shop.

Chatchamp – Conversational Commerce Solution

Chatchamp was founded in 2017 – with the goal of helping e-commerce companies provide better advice to their customers in online business. This is done using chatbots – via instant messengers such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, all the way to the website. As the e-commerce market becomes more competitive, it is important to provide the customer with the best user experience and service. This can be achieved through Guided Selling. Here, Chatchamp has the perfect solution: a shopping assistance via chatbot. 


A chatbot integrated into the site assists the user in finding suitable articles. During the chat, for example, the user’s skin type is determined in order to find the ideal skin care or makeup product. The product recommendation can then be shared with friends. But not only cosmetics qualify for this – any product requiring intensive advice can be used.

In order to make accurate recommendations, Chatchamp uses the shop’s data and expertise and integrates it into the conversations. It is also possible to easily transfer the collected user profiles to the CRM system. Moreover, Chatchamp has an integrated analytics dashboard that allows you to retrieve important data such as conversion rate, revenue, number of transactions and many more. 

Guided Selling and Personalization for the perfect User Experience

Chatchamp’s Guided Selling solution is a perfect addition to our approach to onsite personalization and optimization. Using a wide range of measures, we help our customers turn their website into a digital shopping assistant. The user experience optimized by trbo can be complemented with Chatchamp’s Guided Selling Chatbots. Alongside the easy implementation of the chatbot by trbo without the need for technical resources for integration the product recommendations that chatchamp developed can then be used by trbo throughout the entire customer journey.


Felix Schirl, CEO of trbo, says: “Chatchamp’s Conversational Flow solution perfectly complements trbo. For example, products that were recommended by Chatchamp’ product consultation can be displayed at a later point in time. Should the user leave the site after the product consultation e.g. and then return, the three most suitable products can welcome him back on page he entered. These results can, of course, be supplemented by further trbo-recommendations.


Felix Schröder, CEO of Chatchamp, is also looking forward to our partnership: “The partnership with trbo is the next logical step to get closer to our goal of ‘improving the quality of product consultation in online business’. Thanks to trbo’s real-time personalization, we can completely adapt our chatbots to the consumer’s user journey. Thus, users get different dialogs depending on where they are in the funnel.


We are very excited about our new partnership and another opportunity for our customers to optimize the user experience and conversion rates.


About Chatchamp


Chatchamp is the Guided Selling solution for e-commerce companies using digital product consultants (chatbots). The automated product consultants suggest exactly the right products to website visitors and relieve them of the time-consuming search on the website. This increases both the website’s conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the chats can also be used to query email leads and provide voucher codes.


Further information: 


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