Five steps to a perfect customer approach for your online shop

Everyone likes a personal approach. This also applies to E-Commerce. Through services such as push messages and chatbots, consumers are used to being addressed personally at any time. But it should not just be a one-to-one approach – customers also expect the webshop to always have the right offers for them. Theoretically, it was never that simple to address users according to their individual preferences as now. But practically there are many obstacles on the way to a targeted online customer approach.


On, our Managing Director and CTO, Felix Schirl, reveals five tips on how webshop operators can improve the address of their customers and personalize it.


In addition to the targeted use of product recommendations to help the customer and boost sales, shop operators should also ensure that the marketing channels used (SEA, social, etc.) are linked to the website. If correctly executed, it enables an uncomplicated customer journey onsite and ensures happy customers and low bounce rates. A further means for more user engagement on the website: Onsite user surveys. They help increase the time spent on the website and boost user engagement. In addition, the results help to increase customer satisfaction through a user-friendly design based on feedback.


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Nowadays, there is hardly a shop owner who can avoid a targeted customer approach – regardless of whether he wants to retain his customers in the long term or turn users into customers. Further tips for perfecting the customer approach can be found in Felix Schirl’s guest article, which can be read in full on (german).


Enjoy reading! If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the tips, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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