Five questions for…Elisa

Foto Elisa Nguyen

Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series, our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions. Today with our Frontend Developer Elisa. She is responsible for processing the tickets from Client Success Management. So she creates and edits everything that our clients end up seeing on their website, such as product recommendations. So without Elisa, the implementation of the planned campaigns would not be possible.

1. What is your favorite quote or motto?

I don’t have a favorite quote or motto. But I am a big Disney fan and love the passage “You can own the earth and still, all you’ll own is earth” in the song: “colors of the wind” from the movie Pocahontas, it always gives me goosebumps. Otherwise, “Hakuna Matata” is also great.

2. What is your biggest dream?

To build a Vietnamese retirement home with Vietnamese staff (doctors, nurses, cook) for my parents where they can live with their friends, sing karaoke and play golf (my parents love to play golf and are crazy about it). Other than that, I wish to become rich,not have to work for money anymore and just do what I feel like doing and not worry about paying the bills.

3. Your insider tip for a cool weekend?

Sleep in on Saturday, go out for a delicious meal on Saturday evening and then go out with friends and party or have a board game night. Sunday, sleep in and let the weekend slowly end. Or just take a weekend trip to another city and explore all the good restaurants and different activities there.

Dein verstecktes Talent?

I can reproduce melodies immediately after hearing them for the first time. For example, I recognize the patterns in songs I hear for the first time and can already guess the next notes. Other than that, I can wiggle my ears.

Mit wem würdest du gerne für einen Tag dein Leben tauschen?

With Ariana Grande. She’s gorgeous and has a great voice. Then I would be able to experience what it’s like to give a concert and perform in front of 10,000 fans with such an amazing voice.


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