Onsite Easter egg hunt – turn visitors into buyers in a playful way

Easter is just around the corner! And even if the Easter bunnies have been waiting in the supermarkets since Christmas, the little things you give to your loved ones at Easter are usually not bought yet.


More and more gifts are bought online and now is the time to attract potential buyers to your website and deliver the gifts in time for the party.


What would be more suitable than to advertise a raffle with an integrated Easter egg hunt on the website? Whether via social media or custom made banners – raffles are always suitable to attract new users.


Once on the website, the user has to click his way through the offer to find an Easter nest after just a few clicks. The joy is certainly big because, in addition to the feeling of success, the customer can also be offered an additional incentive. A voucher for the purchase (valid until Easter) or an additional article, which is sent along starting from a certain shopping cart value?


With trbo technology, individual voucher codes can be assigned to a user over a longer period of time before becoming available again. For example, when adding products, you can make sure that there are only as many coupon codes in circulation as there are items available.


If you want to create an Easter experience for your customers, please contact us today. 

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