Full speed ahead into the summer: Christian Nitsche is our new Quality & Testing Manager

Foto Christian Nitsche

After the start of Christof Rose, we are proud to announce our next new team member, just in time for the summer season! From now on, Christian Nitsche supports us as Quality & Testing Manager.  


Christian moved from the beautiful Lake Constance region to Munich thirteen years ago. There he completed his civilian service at the Bogenhausen Clinic and then studied for a diploma in Marketing & Communication. The complex world of marketing and advertising has fascinated him since his youth. But during his studies, it turned out that it was rather the technical side of advertising that captivated him. So he specialized in this field and was able to gain experience as a quality manager at norisk GmbH for five years. There he was mainly responsible for frontend and usability testing of eCommerce solutions. 


In his free time, Christian enjoys pursuing his hobbies. He is a proud dad of two dogs, one of which is still a puppy. Together with his girlfriend, he is completely absorbed in this role, because the little one requires his full attention and care. And Christian is not only good with animals, he also has a green thumb for plants. That’s why he also has a large selection of tropical rarities, e.g.,  a Monstera Variegata. He likes to meet his friends and siblings for a beer after work, sometimes parties all night long, is interested in interior design and very attracted to Crypto and other investment products. And last but not least, he is actually an avid gambler as well.


“The topics of space and science excite me so much that I could really discuss them all day. And also in general, I’m a big fan of deep conversations and inspiring communication. So I think I can bring a lot of new ideas and innovation for new concepts to trbo.” 


We look forward to many intergalactic conversations with you and welcome you warmly to trbo, Christian!


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