Case Study: How Oui avoids shopping cart abandonment and increases the conversion rate by 25%


An annoyance for many online shops: users browse through the online shop, even add products to the shopping cart, but suddenly leave the website without making a purchase. Shopping cart abandonments are not only annoying, but also cost businesses sales revenue. So, how can shopping cart abandonment be avoided?


Our customer Oui was also confronted with this question – so we set up an A/B test together: Does an exit intent overlay help prevent shopping cart abandonment and increase the conversion rate?

25% Conversion Rate Increase with an Exit Intent Overlay 

If users already had placed products in their shopping cart and then threatened to leave the page – e.g. by clicking on the closing icon in the browser – an exit intent overlay was triggered. This overlay reminded them of the products in their shopping cart and encouraged them to continue shopping.


Would you like to see the overlay in action? Have a look at our YouTube video.


The results of the A/B test show quite clearly that exit intent overlays are well worth it when shopping cart abandonment is imminent. The conversion rate, but also the user value, were significantly increased.


For the results and the setup of the test, take a look at our new case study with Oui.


Click here to download


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