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trbo Happy Re-Office Week

What a great office week in Munich! After many months in the home office, connected only via chat and video, the trbos were finally allowed to go back to the office. Of course, this had to be celebrated, so a grandiose Happy Re-Office Week 2022 was organized. And what better way to spoil your trbo colleagues than with great food? With a complete week of culinary delights, of course! Because nothing connects more than a good meal!


We started on Monday with a versatile Breakfast for Champions. There is nothing like a good breakfast! Delicious fruit, muesli, cheese, sausage, eggs, jam and barista coffee – there was indeed something for everyone. For all those who still hang out in diet mode until Easter, a plate of raw vegetables invited to detox. 


On Tuesday, delicious Italian pizza was served for lunch. The clear favorite on this day was definitely the Pizza Vegetarian. Some had a little problem getting the spinach out of their smiles afterwards, but the colleagues were kind enough to let us know in time before any further embarrassing situations arose. We could also consider this to be the first successful team-building measure: spinach unites!


In the afternoon on Wednesday, there was a cozy cake talk und coffee klatsch. Here, all connoisseurs got their money’s worth. Almond cake, Sachertorte, carrot cake and cheesecake, lovingly baked by grandmas and grandpas from the region of Kuchentratsch. And since the pieces of cake were very handy, you could well try through all the variations. In addition, there was delicious coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato from the Italian espresso machine.

culinary delicacies


On Thursday, it was time for “Bayerisch Guad”. Fresh pretzels, warm Leberkäs, Obatzter and chive bread were just a few of the Bavarian delicacies on offer. The colleagues were happy to leave their offices and join the lovingly decorated tables. People chatted, laughed and simply said ‘hello’. After all, many employees did not yet know each other in real life. 


And for the finale – as the highlight of the week – the trbo Office classic then took place on Friday: the legendary Beer Pong Party at the end of the working day.  This event also enjoyed many faces. The game was played in two groups at two tables. The two best teams from each group then moved on to the semi-finals, and so the final opponents were ultimately determined. The team names were again very creative word games: There was the team ‘Balls of Steel’, the ‘Extra Salty’, ‘Too lit to handle’, ‘Brews Blothers’ ‘Beer, Beer, Blocksberg’ and ‘Paw Patrol’. The event was won by the team ‘Bears, Beets & Battlestar-Galactica’ with Jihad und Artur. They were definitely the pros at the Beer Pong Battle. 

Beer Pong Challenge


All in all, the Happy Re-Office Week 2022 was a great success and a great opportunity to get to know new colleagues, have cross-team conversations or just to exchange ideas privately. We discussed diets, passed on beauty tips, shared moments of enjoyment and good cheer, strengthened the trbo community spirit and, most importantly, gave the team a great sense of appreciation. After such a sensational gourmet week with so much delicious food and positive impressions, the trbo team can surely tackle the new challenges with ease.

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