How German Webshops can Benefit from amazon’s Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day was preceded by months of marketing. The retail giant was busy advertising, awakening customers’ desire to shop for Prime Day and drawing attention to particularly attractive offers. But although the advertising has paid off, amazon is not the only company to have benefited from the marketing campaign.

We have compared key figures such as traffic or conversions on the day of the amazon campaign (July 11th) with the weekday of the week before – and have come to a surprising conclusion in our analysis:

amazon’s Prime Day turns out to be less of a competitive nightmare in tghe online sector and more of a genre marketing for all E-Commerce in Germany. Among the over 200 webshops in various industries we surveyed, traffic rose by an average of 13 percent, the conversion rate by 15 percent and the conversion value by 28 percent. In other words, Amazon’s immense marketing effort pays off for the entire E-Commerce sector.


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