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Landing Page

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A landing page is a website that is intended to direct users to a specific offer without any major detours. It is anchored on the company's domain, for example:

A landing page usually consists of a single page, sometimes even without continuative links. The design of the landing page is usually based on the corporate design of the entire website.


In marketing, a landing page is used to induce a user to perform an action after clicking on a link or a call to action. There are different ways on how landing pages are linked:

  • via an advertisement (e.g. SEA)
  • via online shop campaigns (e.g. banners)
  • via email marketing (call to action in a newsletter)
  • via organic search results
  • via social media

After being redirected to the corresponding landing page, the customer should find the appropriate information or products in order to encourage interaction on the page. There are different objectives for this type of pages, including for example the increase in sales (conversions) or lead generation.


Therefore, a landing page should be tailored exactly to the needs of the customer:

  • The user finds the corresponding information or products which have been announced in the advertising material.
  • The interest in the product or the information is further increased.
  • The landing page allows the user to easily access the relevant information without much effort.

There are many different functions that a landing page can perform. Basically, however, it should always fulfil a marketing purpose and thus be tailored to a specific target group. Whether content is to be disseminated, services or products sold or leads generated must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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