Guided selling and personalization working hand in hand: create the perfect online service with trbo and Chatchamp.

Chatchamp X trbo

Integrating Guided Selling chatbots with trbo’s onsite functions enablecomprehensive, digital advice on your website.

Why use Chatchamp and trbo?

User expectations are constantly rising, meaning eCommerce has to adapt. Perfect advice, as consumers are accustomed to in brick and mortar retail, is essential. Guided Selling enables this service-oriented user experience. Chatchamp has created a shopping assistance via chatbot. These Guided Selling chatbots complement the trbo-optimized user experience and advice onsite – turning the website into the perfect digital advisor.

Guided Selling + Personalization = Perfect Service


Personality, holistic advice and customer loyalty: These are important guiding principles of our customer Sport Schuster. The joint use of trbo’s onsite personalization platform and Chatchamp’s Guided Selling solution was therefore an obvious choice. The various integration and chat options can be tested via the trbo platform.

After conceptualizing a consultation, it was transferred to the chatbot. The Chatchamp chatbot was in turn integrated at various points in the shop via trbo. The placement was tested with the help of trbo’s testing features and proves its success: a 32% increase in conversions on the category pages was achieved through the integration of the chatbot.


The partnership also enables the transfer of chatbot results to trbo. Users can be retargeted with their results during a later visit – already on the homepage for example. If the page is enriched with suitable product recommendations or targeted teasers depending on the user’s interest profile, he is addressed individually – at all times.

“Our goal is for users to receive the same quality of advice on products on the website as they do in the store, 24/7. The collaboration with trbo was therefore an important step. With the additional information from trbo’s personalization options, we can adapt our chatbots more closely to the journey of the respective user. Thus, users will receive even more customized advice, depending on where they are in the funnel.”

Felix Schröder

Felix Schröder

Co-Founder & CEO, Chatchamp

Felix Schirl

Felix Schirl

CEO trbo

“The Guided Selling solution from Chatchamp is an ideal addition to trbo. For example, products that were recommended by the chatbot can be displayed again at a later time. If the user leaves the shop after the consultation and later returns, he can be greeted with the three most suitable products on the homepage. This result can, of course, be enhanced by other smart trbo-recommendations.”

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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