What is trbo?

trbo is a SaaS-solution for onsite-personalization, optimization and a/b/n testing. trbo-Clients us this solution to provide a better user experience to each user of their website. This is done by gathering onsite behavior and displaying elements to the user which are always in the look & feel of the clients website. 

trbo is not collecting any personal information of the user.

All onsite information is stored via cookies and local storage. This information is then used to enhance the user experience. Information is not passed to any 3rd party.


If you do not liked to be tracked, you can opt-out using the Opt-Out-Button to disagree trbo tracking. If you do so a cookie will be set to store your Opt-Out. No additional information will be stored.

Please consider if you delete your cookies you have to do the Opt-Out again.

Sie sind aktuell von allen trbo Tracking Maßnahmen eingeschlossen