Dynamic Segmentation

It doesn't always have to be 1:1 personalization. Users can be divided (dynamically) into segments - according to their interests, preferences or surfing behavior on the website. This allows a targeted approach towards the user - even without full individualization.

Static vs. Dynamic Segments

Static vs. Dynamic Segments

On the basis of previous actions, users are assigned to specific, fixed groups (static segments). These can be provided with a time component. Dynamic segments are formed in real time, a user can move from one segment to the other with a single click.

Segmentation according to brand affinity

If the user is interested in certain brands, these brands can be highlighted when entering the shop. For example, teaser areas on the homepage can be exchanged dynamically according to brand affinity. In this way, the user is both specifically addressed and bound to the shop during and after a session.

Segmentation according to brand affinity
Interests in Segments

Interests in Segments

Switching between individual segments depends on various factors, such as the time spent on the page. Segments can distinguish the interests of a user into impulsive, temporary and permanent. If, for example, a female user (permanent interest: women’s fashion) is looking for a gift for her boyfriend (temporary interest: men's fashion), the shop can provide suitable recommendations.

Dynamic segments: The Technical Basis

Dynamic Segmentation
Machine Learning
Shop-Platform Agnostic
Click-In Channel
Buying Behavior

The creation of dynamic segments requires a properly set up tracking system and, eventually, external data connections. Based on their status, users need to be integrated into a dynamic segment that can be switched to real time. Our managed service always provides the support you need.


The use of (dynamic) segmentation should be subject to a constant review. By doing so, you can check immediately, if the performance of a segment is possibly below expectations or if the use of other segments might be the better option. A/B- and multivariate tests should always be an integral part of dynamic segmentation. Learn more about A/B-Testing now

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