Analytics& Optimization

An improved usability and optimization of the complete customer experience on the website help to retain customers, encourage them to buy and ultimately optimize the overall result of the shop.

Testing as a basis for meaningful analysis & optimization

Testing as a basis for meaningful analysis & optimization

A/B- & multivariant tests are the basis for a successful optimization of the website. It is essential to evaluate the various actions constantly in order to check whether they really achieve the desired goal (more leads, more sales, etc.). With trbo's extensive testing functions, there are no obstacles to a successful shop optimization.

Optimization through personalization

The targeted and individual approach of visitors to a website is a must for shop operators. With their help, users always get to see the appropriate content. The possibilities range from personal recommendations and the insertion of suitable promotions to the greeting of returning customers with the shopping basket of their previous visit - and of course many other possibilities.

Optimization through personalization
Optimization for mobile devices

Optimization for mobile devices

Users who surf a website on a mobile device behave differently than users using a desktop. Accordingly, actions should always be specially adapted to mobile devices. The trbo platform provides many different ways to target and pick up mobile users.

Galeria Kaufhof

Optimization in Use

How Galeria Kaufhof increased the user value by 23 percent through targeted landing page optimization

SEA shopping campaigns, in particular, involve the challenge of keeping customers who do not like the chosen product on the site. Galeria Kaufhof decided to optimize the product detail pages with targeted recommendations with the help of trbo. The result: a 23 percent increase in user value.


Increase in User Value

Analysis & Optimization: The Technical Basis

Dynamic Segmentation
Shop-Platform agnostic
Machine Learning
Buying Behavior
Surfing Behavior

For a smart optimization we include various data. Through A/B testing, the benefits of changes on the page can be viewed in a simple way. In the background, a self-learning algorithm optimizes the user response. If you have any questions regarding the setup and optimization of campaigns, our account management is happy to assist.


The basis for a meaningful optimization is a properly conducted testing. This is the only way to better assess, which actions really appeal to users. (Dynamic) A/B- & multivariant tests allow valid statements on the success of a specific campaign and, thus, serve to optimize the website or shop further. Learn more about A/B-Testing now

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