The combination of Findologic and trbo enables personal advice online: a powerful and always supportive search paired with onsite personalization. Using personalized search results and creating individual experiences allows online retailers to turn their shop into a personal shopping assistant.


trbo and Findologic can be used to optimize and personalize the entire onsite customer journey – from shop entry, to using the search bar and completing the purchase – across devices, AI-based and in real time.

Findologic X trbo

Brick and mortar retail is ahead of eCommerce in one thing: personal advice. However, eCommerce too has the potential to turn the website into a digital personal shopping assistant – allowing customers to find exactly the products they are looking for and perhaps even more. By personalizing the entire customer journey, shops can adapt the onlineshop to the individual interests of their users. Just as shop assistants in brick and mortar stores are geared to the needs of individual customers.

Why use Findologic and trbo?

By combining trbo and Findologic, you always offer your users exactly the content that suits their needs and interests. By integrating Findologic into the trbo platform, search results can be included in further addressing users. 

However, the integration also works the other way around – as users do not always find the products they are looking for on the website. To make sure they don’t leave right away, their experience can be optimized onsite.

Onsite personalization + personalized search = Perfect shopping experience for your users


A page search does not always lead to the desired result. Worst case scenario, no products can be found – the result: an empty search page or 404 error pages. By combining trbo and Findologic, you can optimize your search result pages. Those are then enriched with alternative product recommendations. The previous user journey and the user’s interests are used to display user-specific content. High bounce rates on empty search results pages are thus a thing of the past.


Every search a user makes on the website provides the shop with a great deal of information. This information can be used to customize the page based on the user’s interests. In addition, users who have not converted can be targeted on subsequent page visits based on previous interactions. This makes it easier for users to re-enter the shopping process and personalizes their shopping experience.

“Findologic and trbo are quickly connected. As a result, our joint customers can take advantage of any search optimization and personalization opportunities, turning their website into a digital advisor.  This increases conversion rates and user trust.”

Simon Reichel

Simon Reichel

COO, Findologic
Felix Schirl

Felix Schirl

CEO, trbo

“We have been working successfully with Findologic for years, optimizing the shopping and search experience on our customers’ websites. By merging both tools, the best of both worlds can be combined: a personalized search along with the personalization of the entire online shop. Results and insights are accessible and can be used to optimize further actions as well.”

These customers trust in trbo & Findologic


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