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If you can measure specific user behavior and react to it with a targeted campaign, this measurable event corresponds to a trigger. With such triggers, users can be addressed in a personalized way. Depending on the trigger type, the address can range from far-reaching user segments, e.g. newsletter subscribers, to the individual address of an individual user.


Typical triggers:

  • Activity (purchase, click, etc.)
  • Exit intent
  • Inactivity
  • Personal information such as birthday, anniversary, etc.
  • Regular buyers
  • Scroll depth
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Shopping cart value
  • Returnees
  • and much more

Campaigns that have been played out are correspondingly diverse. A trigger, such as a shopping cart abandonment, could trigger an email to be sent to a known user, for example. If an unknown user wants to leave the page, the products in the shopping cart can be displayed again, combined with a voucher. The aim of a triggered action is to increase key figures such as the CTR, conversion rate or conversion value.


The prerequisite for trigger-based marketing measures is extensive tracking on the website. It is only possible to react if the events are measured correctly.

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