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Ad blockers are browser plug-ins that block unwanted advertising on a website and thus filter the content of a website. If an ad blocker finds advertising space on the page, it hides it. Ad blockers can also shorten the load time of a page and protect against tracking and malware.


There are different types of Ad Blockers. Certain advertising content can be hidden by using filters that the user sets himself. Alternatively, any type of advertising on a website can be blocked. When installing the Ad Blocker, the user often has the possibility to choose which filter rules should be applied. This way he can allow certain types of advertising even though having installed an Ad Blocker.


Users mainly use Ad Blockers when they feel annoyed by advertising. Especially the excessive use of pop-ups is perceived as annoying by many users. In order to avoid such a disturbance and therefore also reduce the excessive use of pop-ups as well as banners in general, companies can use e.g. frequency capping.


If a user nevertheless uses an Ad Blocker, a website can also ask a user to be placed on the whitelist for this session in the form of an insertion, so that the user can still see the advertisements on the page.

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