Time for Product Insights: Geotargeting & Geo-Location

  The time has come again to introduce you to another interesting trbo feature. In our Product Insights series, we last talked about security. Today we want to introduce you to an exciting feature that allows you to target users in a personalized way: Geotargeting & Geo-Location What is Geotargeting & Geo-location? Geotargeting (also called geo-location) uses the GPS data of a ...
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5 awesome shopping types and how to engage them

Every user undergoes an individual customer journey in the online shop. Nevertheless, there are certain shopping types into which users can be categorized, at least roughly. Working with such target groups allows an initial segmentation of users and thus a somewhat more individualized ...
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Social First? Extending social media campaigns onsite

Advertising campaigns, whether in social media, TV, or SEA, have one specific goal: to persuade users to make a purchase. The advantage of social media campaigns is that they usually spread very quickly - and can be tailored to users using targeting options. However, if this potential remains unused ...
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Don’t be afraid of the pop-up!

They used to have a rather controversial reputation - some people like them, others hate them: so-called pop-ups (also: overlays). Just under 70 percent of Internet users in Germany found them annoying a few years ago. It almost seemed as if overlays would be completely banned from our screens. In ...
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Personalization vs. product recommendations – Isn’t it all the same anyway?

Users increasingly expect an individually tailored shopping experience: A full 63% expect personalization when shopping online. It is no surprise, then, that personalization is the talk of the town and that shops are increasingly discovering its benefits. For many, however, the equation is: product ...
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29.8% Conversion Rate Uplift with Recommendations!

Recommendations are a popular way to inspire users, provide them with alternatives or to further boost shopping carts. But for many shops, product recommendations also require a lot of work - unless you use a smart recommendation engine. The same applies to our customer LaShoe: Before using ...
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Five questions for… Samuel

Who are the people behind trbo? In our blog series our employees introduce themselves – and answer five questions about themselves and their work. Today withour Team Lead Account Management Samuel Scheurich. 1. How did you hear about trbo and when did you start working? In the summer of 2018, I ...
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trbo-start into the summer – Thomas Schmucker joins us as a frontend developer

After welcoming Olga Gidion to our team, we are proud to announce a new addition to our technical team. From now on, Thomas Schmucker supports us as a Frontend Developer.    After finishing school, the Munich native decided to pursue training as a media designer. This then led him to the ...
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77% Bounce Rate – How the heck can high bounce rates be reduced?

The bounce rate is a topic that troubles many shops. Because it quickly becomes expensive, especially with Google Shopping ads: If users don't like the selected product, they return to Google. The money spent on traffic is lost. And with Google Shopping ads, the bounce rate can easily reach ...
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