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Our trbo-fast and easy customer data platform

cnectr by trbo is the CDP you can start using right away with an easy set-up:


cnectr by trbo

Transform Customer Experiences

With cnectr, you can consolidate first-party data from multiple channels into one system, segment it, and deliver it to different destinations in real time.

The result?  Ultra-personalized online experiences for every one of your customers.

Anyone can use cnectr! Including:

Existing trbo customers

… who want to streamline their customer data from other sources with their trbo data.

New trbo customers

 who want to take advantage of their existing data to super-charge their start with trbo for faster, more effective campaigns from day one.

Any online retailer

… looking to turn data into profit with the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective CDP.

Sound like you?

What you can do with cnectr


Not quite convinced cnectr by trbo is your best CDP option?

Here’s what makes us different:

We're trbo fast

cnectr by trbo, like all of our services, can be up and running much faster than our larger competitors — which means you’ll be able to start creating campaigns right away.

We're DIY-friendly

Most CDPs demand a complicated implementation process with a tech team involved. Ours is so simple to set-up that we’ve made it available for anyone to use with our free trial (for a limited time!).

We're cost-effective

Like all our products and services, cnectr by trbo is time-effecient and buget-friendly. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

trbo has a lot in its toolbox – and we’re always working to stay ahead of the curve. Chat with one of our experts to discuss ideas for your site.