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With BNDLA by trbo, you can quickly and easily integrate inspiration pages for different products and product bundles into your online shop – offering your users complete outfits or bundles.

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Value at a glance

Product bundles offer a variety of benefits to e-commerce sites by creating a compelling overall customer experience, simplifying the shopping process, and increasing sales.

Increase time on site

Facilitate cross-selling

Simplify shopping

Emotionalize products

Effortless style, one click away

With BNDLA by trbo you can easily create inspiration pages for all types of products on your website – whether it’s outfit inspiration for fashion, home decorating ideas or appliance bundles for electronics, our BNDLA does it all!

Shop the look: Complete outfits in no time

Create complete outfits with our Shop the Look feature. In fashion, for example, you can find and buy stylish clothes, shoes and accessories at a glance. And how convenient is it to be able to pick up the perfect bundle – laptop, mouse and matching bag – straight from an electronics store? And it’s all tailored to your needs!

Creative product pages

Bring your product pages to life with our bundles. Eye-catching recommendations and thumbnails inspire shoppers to buy complete product bundles. Each bundle is matched to the item number to ensure a perfect match between products, enhancing the shopping experience.

Bring category pages to life

Our bundles fit seamlessly into any category and are completely tailored to your customers’ personal preferences and needs. The ability to match item numbers and category paths ensures that bundle suggestions match your customers’ exact needs and preferences.

Creativity meets convenience

Enhance your homepage and special themed pages with bundle recommendations. Whether it’s seasonal offers, trendy costumes or holiday outfits, our bundles add a touch of creativity to your shop. Capture your customers’ interest the moment they enter your online shop and make their shopping experience truly memorable.

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With the Product Advisor by trbo, you can inspire your users full-screen in the shop as part of the product advice – whether mobile or desktop, the perfect user experience always in focus.

The technical Basis

BNDLA by trbo

With BNDLA by trbo you can easily integrate complete inspiration pages for different products into your shop – be it outfit inspirations in the fashion industry, interior design ideas in the furniture industry or accessory bundles in the electronics industry. The BNDLA can be used in many different industries.

By connecting our personalization platform to the BNDLA, you can also take advantage of trbo’s A/B testing capabilities.

Widgets allow you to quickly and easily assemble rich page content with individual elements in a clean interface:

✓ Text elements

✓ Image/video elements

✓ Recommendation bundles with different fill logic

and much more.

With BNDLA by trbo, product bundles can be easily integrated in different places in the shop:

✓ Homepage

✓ Inspiration pages

✓ Category pages

✓ Product detail pages

✓  Seasonal or topic-specific pages

Create optimal bundles based on the needs of your users:

✓ Latest Bundles

✓ Ranked by category

✓ Top trending bundles (based on conversion, impression, CTR)

✓ Dynamic bundles based on current user behavior (using artificial intelligence)

✓ As an add-on to product detail pages

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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